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Bruno Leyval

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March 18, 2015 #atelier #sérigraphie

Bruno Leyval is a French artist, born in Mulhouse in 1971

Recognizable from the outset, Bruno Leyval is a self-taught artist whose work specializes in the use of black and white. His artistic career began with a lengthy apprenticeship of nearly twenty years, where he honed the use of his medium of choice: chinese ink. This allows him to get to the point, no frills.

In 2002 he founded Studio Awake with the aim to forge a link between the arts and alternative cultures. He pursued his apprenticeship and search side by side, both artistic and philosophical.

In 2008, while Awake Studio became an artistic platform that includes a studio, an online magazine and a collective of artists – it pauses the adventure to devote himself entirely to his work and his way, the way of ink.

This « SuibokuGaka » has since exhibited his work in London, Paris, Berlin, Strasbourg, Bristol … And worked for clients such as Nike.

A rare artist in the gallery since the birth of his son, he is humbly inspired by cultures, beliefs, traditions and rituals that inhabit the world, to create a personal work, inspired and full of deep spirituality.

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